Why Porta-Bote Alpha 3000

Porta-Bote is a unique Hi-Performance Foldable Boat

Porta-Bote folds to 4 inches flat. This boat is virtually tough and ideal for fishing, hunting, sailing, Military, rescue , and boating enthusiasts etc.

Porta-Bote’s size and weight.

Our 10 foot 8 inch Porta-Bote weighs about 78 pounds and folds up to the size of a long surfboard. That makes her easy to get on and off the deck for storage purposes. Folded she’s between 3” and 7” thick. That’s flat enough that we can easily see over her underway, something that was a challenge with many other dinghy’s.Total capacity is 585 lbs (266kg) including an engine that can weigh no more than 56 lbs. In practice the biggest four stroke engine possible is six hp.

If you can buy a two – stroke engine you might get something more in the 10 - 15 horse power range with that weight.

The following features are guaranteed with Porta-Bote

  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Buoyant
  • Innovative
  • Flexible
  • Stable

What You Get

The hull of Porta-Bote is made with polypropylene - impervious to salt water is incredibly tough. It turns quick and it rows beautifully, with oars that clamp to the oarlocks so you can drop them to cast, that break in the middle for packing, and are foam filled to float. Porta-Bote is comfortable for sitting in, roomy for moving around and steadies enough for stand-up casting.

The Porta-Bote is simply great; it is well made, easy to erect and carries a 10 year limited hull warranty.

What Are The Advantages of a Porta-Bote?

  • Sets Up Fast! Truly portable: No Inflating, No Trailers, and No Punctures. Just add water, and go!
  • Incredibly Tough! Miracle polypropylene: Made space scientist in United States, used to make “lifetime” batteries, car bumpers and even bullet-proof vests the more you flex the hinge, the stronger it gets! Steel, aluminum, neoprene, everything else eventually fatigues and breaks.
  • Time Proven! Been in production for 35 years. There are now well over 100,000 satisfied owners worldwide, many with Porta-Botes that are more than 30 years old and still going strong.
  • Internationally Tested! Meets all US Coast Guard standards for level flotation and stability. All models have been compliance tested as well as being NMMA European Union (CE) and Transport Canada approved.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free! Your Porta-Bote will never need painting remains unaffected by sunlight or salt water.
Ten Year Warrantee! Engineered copolymer resin hull material is warranted by the manufacturer for a full 10 years.

In addition Porta-Bote are sold worldwide to various organization like,

  • Border Security & other law enforcement units
  • Forest and Environment protection units
  • Disaster management centers
  • Fire and Rescue Division