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ALPHA 3000

Why Porta-Bote Alpha 3000

Porta-Bote is a unique Hi-Performance Foldable Boat.

Porta-Bote folds to 7 inches flat. This boat is virtually tough and ideal for fishing, hunting,
sailing, Military, rescue , and boating enthusiasts etc.

Porta-Bote’s size and weight.

Our 10 foot 8 inch Porta-Bote weighs about 78 pounds and folds up to the size of a long

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Porta-Bote Alpha 3000 is the new addition to the Porta-Bote family

In Porta-Bote Alpha 3000 model we completely redesigned the rear of the hull thus we have been able to capture the torque that used to flow from the engine to the front bow of the boat. This will help the boat to go faster and prevent twisting when overpowered

Sandy Kay, President, Porta-Bote International

Happy clients Testimonials

Porta-Bote - Canada Review

Editor – Southern Fishing and Boating New zealand’s Premier Fishing & Boating Magazine

The Porta-Bote is a brilliant idea! But like any new idea getting used to at first. Actually, the Porta-Bote isn’t exactly a new idea at all. These craft have been manufactured in the United States, and sold around the world for 30 years.

When Porta-Bote first arrived by courier truck, I must admit to be a little concerned about how time consuming it was going to be to put together!

I also wondered about the durability and toughness of a boat that could be folded into such a small package!

We quickly remove the extensive packing and set about assembling the 12’6” model on our front lawn. Having never even seen one before, other than one in a photograph, we were delighted to discover that the whole job took little more than 15 minutes. With practice it was easy to see that this time could be reduced considerably. Disassembly took us just four minutes. The whole boat is locked together with stainless steel lock pins, bolts and wing nuts – you don’t even need a spanner.

Porta-Bote is put together by first opening the hull. It is spring -loaded to some extend, and so require you to hold it open with your leg until you get the centre seat in place.

Allen Burgess

Porta-Bote - Canada Review

  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Buoyant
  • Innovative
  • Flexible
  • Stable